Our Trait Pipeline

Ceres’ trait technologies have broad applications across multiple crops, including sorghum, sugarcane, corn and rice, among others. Our plant traits increase yields of biomass, sugar and grain. They also can provide greater yield stability and resilience to drought and other stress conditions.

Our trait pipeline includes genes that have been shown to substantially increase sugar levels or biomass growth per plant as well as genes that increase grain yields. We have genes that allow plants to use fertilizer and water more efficiently. We also have genes that have been shown to provide tolerance and enhanced recovery to both acute and prolonged stress, such as drought. In addition, we have genes that have demonstrated enhanced conversion of biomass and genes that regulate flower development.

To develop traits, we evaluate their performance in target crops through multi-year field tests in various locations. Field evaluations represent a critical stage in the development of biotech crop traits, as they provide greater insight into how traits may perform in an agricultural setting.

To date, our field evaluations have largely confirmed earlier results obtained in greenhouse and laboratory settings.

Ceres uses a combination of biotechnology, advanced plant breeding and genomic technologies to create high value traits and seeds for agricultural crops.

How We Develop Improved Seeds

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Multi-Gene Trait Development System

iCode_logo iCODE is a revolutionary approach for rapidly and empirically evaluating large numbers of promoter-gene and gene-gene combinations

Intelligent Combinatorial Optimization and Directed Evolution, iCODE, is a next-generation trait development platform that enables the high throughput generation and testing of promoter-optimized, multi-gene biotech traits. Due to the efficiency of the system, iCODE can enable new kinds of discoveries – step function innovations in performance – and allow even smaller research programs to compete effectively against larger companies.

Crop biotechnology companies and institutions interested in learning more about iCODE™ or exploring licensing or collaboration opportunities, may contact our licensing team.

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Since our inception, we have invested more than $200 million in our technology platforms and traits. We seek to protect our technology and know-how under patent, plant variety protection and plant breeders’ rights, among other forms of intellectual property protection. We own or have exclusive licensed rights to approximately 90 issued patents and additional pending applications in the United States and in various foreign jurisdictions.