Global seed company selects Persephone to support R&D and product development

Ceres has licensed our Persephone bioinformatics software to global seed potato developer, HZPC Holland BV.

HZPC is the most recent multi-national life sciences company to adopt Persephone as its primary genome browser. Originally developed for in-house use, the Persephone software allows researchers to store, access and explore DNA databases in much the same way online mapping programs allow users to explore geographic regions and locations. Today, hundreds of life scientists around the globe are using Persephone.

HZPC, which is one of the world’s market leading seed potato companies, breeds potato varieties for many local growing conditions and various markets including retail, quick service restaurants and traditional trade.

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Our R&D team has been impressed by the user friendly interface and speed of Persephone. Our variety development will be significantly facilitated by Persephone as it allows easy and efficient use of the growing amount of genomics and other ‘-omics’ crop data.

Robert Graveland

Director of R&D, HZPC Holland